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New in stock: Sea2See Glasses

We are excited to announce that we now carry Sea2See glasses in our store! Sea2See is a brand dedicated to the environment and sustainability – and for good reason.

What makes Sea2See glasses special?

They are made entirely from recycled materials sourced from our oceans. Instead of ignoring the pollution of our seas, Sea2See utilizes it as a resource. Fishing nets, plastic bottles, and other plastic waste are collected, cleaned, and transformed into high-quality eyeglass frames. In this way, Sea2See glasses not only help to clean the oceans of debris but also reduce the need for new materials – an important step towards a more sustainable future.

But Sea2See goes even further:

Production takes place under fair working conditions and with the aim of supporting local communities. By manufacturing in Europe under strict ethical standards, Sea2See helps create jobs while also raising awareness of environmental issues. With Sea2See glasses, you can actively contribute to preserving our environment!

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